We’re serving the world well, just not ourselves

Oh the luxury of knowing that silly season is behind us for another year.

Gleefully we dump the mince pies, donate the weird gifts and vacuum up every last vestige of tinsel. It feels a touch Scrooge-like to be so relieved to see the back of such a ‘special’ time. 

Except it’s not. It’s only bloody reasonable.

Most of the joy was sucked from Christmas when we became adults…. FEMALE adults.

Because here we are, somehow almost entirely responsible for delivering the full Christmas experience – with giving our children all the sparkle and delight, with juggling family and in-law relationships, usually with cooking and (99 times out of 100) shopping resting entirely on our plates. 

And then we wonder why we’re miseries; why it takes a gallon of alcohol to make us *joyful* and to lubricate our way through the season.

We’re miseries because there is nothing merry and bright about being the Christmas workhorse…

It mightn’t be comfortable to admit it, but we’re drinking to get us through the things we don’t want to do. And many of us don’t want to face seasonal gatherings, make chit-chat with family or colleagues we can’t stand, travel hours or spend days and weeks preparing for this intense period of time that feels so bloody significant!

The pressure is enormous, and the rewards rarely seem to stack up.

And this isn’t just a Christmas problem, it’s a ‘me’ problem and a ‘you’ problem.

We want to be present, connected and energised, but instead we’re exhausted and broken from living this life which seems to be all about how much we can produce; what we can achieve and deliver. 

And that’s the crux of the problem – as women, we’ve been trained to measure our value by our output. The relationships we sustain, the meals we produce, the home we care for, the community we serve – but where are OUR needs in the middle of all that?

Pushed down. Ignored. Devalued.

And the tools we use to achieve that? Beer, wine, bourbon, vodka… whatever takes the edge off.

That’s why so many of my clients spent November and December petrified by the thought of a Christmas without the booze – it’s the band-aid we’ve come to rely on. 

But to rip that band-aid off, we need to start healing the wounds that lie beneath – and we can only do that when we stop trying to push through the multitude of experiences that are dysregulating our nervous system. 

‘But how can I stop doing all the things?!’ I hear you howl.

Bit by bit. You just have to start.  

These days, I say ‘no’ to people and experiences that send my nervous system back into its ‘fight or flight’ default. Because why on earth would I drive myself bonkers (and into a bottle) for the sake of pleasing or placating someone or participating in something that makes me miserable?? It just doesn’t make sense when you put it like that! But that’s what we’re doing – sacrificing ourselves in some misguided effort to make the rest of the world happy.

We tell ourselves we’re ‘bad’ or ‘selfish’ or some other nonsense when we admit to ourselves that these experiences don’t fill our cup. Well, sod that! 

How about, instead of ‘soldiering on’, we just stop putting ourselves through an experience of life that is harmful to us? 

What might it be like to spend the rest of this amazing life trying to transform it into something that brings us joy, so we don’t have to use alcohol to escape?

Here’s a new concept for you… we actually do have choice

And Christmas is the perfect example. Instead of being afraid of ruining the season for everybody else, it’s time we realised that it’s not about everybody else!

That those anxiety inducing layers of obligation are the problem, not us, and that we need to start protecting our precious little selves. 

So, my friend, if you’re still feeling saddened by an anti-climactic Christmas, by the feeling that YOU are 80% Grinch and 20% Gin, know that there is nothing wrong with you.

Yes, really.

You are having a completely human response to a – some might say – wholly unnatural expectation. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, there is definitely something very wrong with this whole experience.

That’s why I’m here, doing what I do. Working with women who’re, slowly but surely, working out what *they* want, and finding their way to becoming the fully integrated human being they deserve to be.

A person who has value as they are – not for what they can pour into the world. 

And whether you believe it yet or not, that’s YOU.

So, if you’re tired of the status quo, understand firstly that while you are not the problem – you ARE in charge of the solution.

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